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Safety Third Racing 2206/24,000 DB


Safety Third Racing finally harnesses the power of the wild dickbutt !

Looking for extra thrust?  Say hello to 10 dickbutts for every KV.  You read correclty - that's 24 THOUSAND dickbutts!

You're welcome.


No.of Cells(Lipo): 3-5S 

Rotor: N52H arc magnets
Wire AWG: 20AWG
Wiring config Single-stranded
2400KV = 1 x 0.49mm 9.0 turns Delta DLRK
True KV: 2338KV
Stator: 0.2mm Kawasaki silicon steel
Bearings: Japanese NSK 3 x 8 x 4mm
Base casing: Al 7075
Bell cap:Al 6063


NOTE 1 KV = 10 DB!  You get 10 dickbutts for every KV !


These Dickbutt motors are the same as the ZMX V3 "Blue Top" 2206 / 2300kv motor from Silver Drone that Zachry Thayer (A-nub) won Drone National 2016 with.  Except, we hot-up the spec to 2400kv for some extra punch!


Motor performance link:




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