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S3 Indestructible LiPo Strap - 6s Compatible

$1.99 $4.99

These excellent straps have been sourced and re-designed by S3 Product specialists.  Introducing the S3 Lipo Strap v2.0 !

  • Triple cross stitching at velcro end
  • Quadruple embedded rubberized Kevlar threads
  • Rectangular, heavy duty metal clasp
  • 3mm thickness (be aware this strap will not slip through very narrow slots)
  • We are currently supplying this exact design to several rebranded straps internationally
  • 20mm X 250mm engineered for 6s batteries

The most awesome LiPo straps on the planet now in v2.0!  Get your S3 swag on and the lowest price in the market!