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Brother Hobby Tornado T2-2206

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The Brother Hobby T1 motors made a big splash with it's power, unique design, and distinctive turbine sound. The T2 takes the same performance and brings it up a notch! Introducing a new hollow shaft design that strengthens and lightens the motor at the same time. New N52H Arc magnets that adds power and efficiency. Capable of handling 3-5S power these motors are sure to bring a new dynamic to your quad.


No.of Cells (Lipo):3-5S
Rotor: 1.75mm N52H arc magnets
Wire AWG: 20AWG
Wiring config Single-stranded :
2300KV = 1 x 0.55mm Delta DLRK
2600KV = 1 x 0.55mm Delta DLRK
Stator: 0.15mm Nippon Steel silicon steel
Bearings: Japanese NSK
Base casing: Al 7075
Bell cap: Al 7075
Weight: 30G
Feature: 18pcs cooling



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