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S3 Panel Gates - Complete 3 Panel Set (5' Opening)

$35.00 $60.00

Want a PVC Panel Gate that's a standard size in the FPV Community?  Safety Third Racing brings you some dope designs !  


84" X 12"  (TOP) and 60" X 12" (LEFT/RIGHT) high-quality fine mesh with sewn pockets suitable for up to 1.5" PVC/EMT.  Each panel has two grommets installed for securing to other panels.

  • Choose from pre-printed designs
  • Gate package contains (1) Top panel and (2) Side Panels
  • S3 Pro Member price is reduced,  Please coordinate via slack.
  • You will need to PVC and connector.  See links below for build guides.

Want your own custom printed gates? drop us a note at


Simplified Build Guide

Official MPG Build Guide

Safety Third Build Variations